Sunday, September 20, 2015

Spirit of Wipro 2015 - to Pee or not to PB

Note on the sub-title: With no time to do this before the run start, I did a la Paula infamous pee break during her world record setting FM, or the more recent Mo Farah's pit stop on the way to his 5000m world championship. Yes, I took a loooong #1 break en route to this Personal Best HM effort. Hence to Pee or not to PB

public class MainActivity extends Activity {

   @SOW 2015
   public void RepeatRun( Bundle savedSOW2014 ) {
     Create.NewPB( NewPB = OldPB - 89secs );
     Set.Podium( Podium2015 = Podium2014 );
     Delete.CashPrize( Remove 2014CashVoucher );
     Replace.CashPrize( Yet_Another_Tee_Shirt );


I think I should stick to running and not running Apps.

For those of you who haven't jumped on to the App-band wagon, here's is a summary:

  • As a build up to the upcoming bengaluru marathon and more, I ran the SOW Half marathon (as usual - read my report from last year). I set a new Personal Best timing of 1:28:29
  • Came in 4th overall and 3rd among non-Wipro Open category
  • Ran my PB for the 5k, 10k on the way to breaking this. 5k in 19:16, 10k in 41:01
  • 5k split timings - 3:51, 4:19, 4:12, 4:23, 4:17 (1.1k)
  • Thanks due - Sanjeev for helping with the registrations, Gokul for providing the timing pins at the start line (big fiasco with having only 2 working pins to fix the bib at the start) and Ashok Nath who without saying a single word paced me for the last 2kms
I was running up one of those last uphills in eCity, Ashok catches up effortlessly, "come on, not much to go.". Me: "Dude, you are the last person I like to meet, now." "why?" "because, you will kick my butt." Thanks Ashok!