Saturday, April 22, 2017

Overnighter at Rishi Valley

At the end of my Ultra running season last year, Ranga put up a suggestion in my running group BHUKMP to do an overnighter at his alma mater – Rishi Valley School. Nested in Madanapalle near Chitoor, amidst stony hills, the lush green 400 acre campus seemed like a perfect outing for the kids.

The morning duties takes much longer with the kids, we left mid-morning. Although the roads were good, the 150+ kms seemed to take forever. It was brutally hot, we managed to reach the campus just in time when the rest of the folks were headed to the campus mess for lunch. We had simple, but delicious and healthy lunch, seated cross legged on mats and low tables. The lunch was tastefully prepared.

The guest house was earthy and cool, perfect for resting after the drive and meal.
In the evening, the entire gang headed to the nearby Cave Rock hill overlooking the campus for a hike. Rishi valley is nested in the middle of a few hills – Cave Rock hill, Rishi Konda, Peddu Konda and Horsley Konda. We decided to take the stroller along for a bit for my daughter, with my one year old on a sling. Within a few mins, we had to lose the stroller due to the tough terrain. Soon enough, my daughter tripped over a stone and refused to take another step.

So we climbed then, with my son on the back and my daughter on the front clinging on the superdad. Cheenu, who studies in the school, was our guide for the trek.

We had company of a friend’s mom who at 70+ climbed the hill wearing a saree. Its only after you climb the peak that you get to know the difficult part is getting down!!
Thick dry thorny shrubs were all we could get for support as we scrapped our behind on sliding rocks. Balance was precarious as we shifted kids from hand to hand and the sling from front to back. We missed the “cave” of the cave rock on the way down, but made it down in one piece.

The evening was spent in listening to one of the teachers talk passionately and answer a whole lot of questions on life and philosophy of Jiddu Krishnamurti, the founder of the boarding school.

The highlight of the next morning was breakfast of Ragi Idli & vada sambar (mini vadas floating in sambar that goes with Idli) for breakfast at the student mess. Coming after a forgettable, hot and exhausting run up to Horsley hills made it doubly delightful. While some chose to go to the nearby sliding rock, others decided to take a shorter trek to Horsley hills via the pipeline route.

Overall a fantastic outing – a first trek for my little one!