Monday, November 05, 2007

‘Eid’ioctic Half Moon Run

‘Eid’ioctic Half Moon Run
Oct 14th 2007
Off Mysore Road, behind Hejjala Village

The BH3 Run No. 451 was the laziest but a very enjoyable run. To start with, it was set in the beginning of the festival season, a 20-20 match between the world champions J and the Aussies, reason enuf to keep you glued to the idiot box. The attendance was low – there were 27 of us at the start and probably none who wanted to run!!
Picture this –it’s a pleasant Sunday afternoon, you are basking in the shade of a huge tree on a hillock overlooking a lake, and there’s beer and snacks. Well, for most people this is perfect setting for a picnic. But we are the Hash – the drinking club with a running problem. So, when the GM pumps the horn, we are all on our feet (albeit grudgingly!!) for the run.

And thanks to sum anjaani josh, there was an extra spring in my feet (I don’t have a reputation for being a Ghalib, excuse the hindi plz). I took every false trail that went into fields and shrubbery. The run must have been a sub 10km one and Pradeep and I finished FRBs (Front Running Bastards). And even as we finished at the lake, the sun going down, the Ed Ka Chaand came out from behind the tress on the horizon. It was a fantastic sight to savor as we downed some draught beer and samosas.

And, hey, it is official now and there’s research now that backs me – the malted bitter drink (read beer) after a workout is better than water. Conserve Water!! Read here.


Naveen Javarappa said...

Run Forrest Run!

manoj said...

You now hold the record for the fastest one to comment on my blog, thnx
And with that you just stole the title of my next post :(

Anonymous said...

stop running! stop cycling! try flying! done anything to reach the chaand till now or not?
im tired of all this dabal meaning!!!

manoj said...

not tried flying yet, will pick that clue as well.. the more the merrier