Thursday, December 15, 2016

Malnad Ultra 2016 - Picture blog

Malnad Ultra was in held in great trails in pristine coffee estates. I had to put out the report before the photos came. But when they did come, they were so out of this world, I had to put out a photo blog. Many thanks and all credits to the wonderful photographers and their bazookas volunteering on the trail.
At the starting line

 The initial descent, with Shyam

Getting off concrete after 7k, with Amit & Shyam

Cruising through Rajagiri Estates

Sampigehutti Estate falls - watering down

Posing at the Summit of KathleKhan overlooking Bhadra reservoir

Feeling high after cheers from Byrekhan school kids

Shout out to the photographer

Lake at the edge of Bhadra - starting to get competitive?

Early evening, passing S at Dodkhan estate, moving into 3rd

Returning to Lalbagh Estate, still plenty of daylight

...and the finish, behind the leader, Ath

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