Monday, April 16, 2007

Maintenance Log

My First experiment with and I am impressed.

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Devarayana Durga (that’s me at RTMC, click here to see why) figured 25th in the unending list for the Devarayandurga ride. Factoring in the RST (RTMC stretchable time), I reached Mekhri circle at 6:45, just as Tiger was setting the rules for the ride.
We were 41 bullets that thumped the roads as we headed on NH-4 towards Hosur. What was surprising was the turn out of the regulars, easily out-stripping the newbies. As the first lot arrived at Pavithra Hotel, just after the second toll gate, looking for yummy tatte idli, we were welcomed by drawn shutters.
We had to settle for the regular idly, vada, dosa breakfast at one Kamath Hotel opposite to SIT college. One thing when you are being ‘led’ in a group ride, you don’t seem to remember the route too well. We took a right at Tumkur, the road that leads to Mahugiri. It was a spectacle to see the trucks and cars wait for the train of Bulls to pass. The next regroup point, albeit unplanned, was when Kripa (now chota KS) punctured the rear wheel. We took a right turn off that road and yet another right turn at the dead end. I can’t remember too well but there was a sign board that then led us to climb up to the temple atop DevarayanaDurga.
A few others had found other shorter route to the top. It was blazing hot by the time we got there. We stuffed our riding gear into Rakshas’ car and climbed upto the temple. The view from the top is awesome, but the heat made enjoying the view, impossible.
Close to noon time, we headed back. While the group stopped over at Namada Chilume Park for the RTMC circle and introduction rounds, I headed straight back alone, riding via Kyathasandra and NH4.

There are a lot of places to visit in this zone. This map displayed near Namada Chilume is very useful.

Date: 24 March 2007
Total Distance: 150kms
Route: Various (look at the map alongside).