Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The GTM Journey

Its official now… the trip happened so long ago, it is nearly making into history books of class II. I will only update what I can remember, snippets, fragments of my memory...

One fine day in March, I call up Nischal and over the next 15mins I had made up my mind – I was running the Great Tibetan Marathon. With Athreya, Sudarshan, Meghana and loads of other running buddies planning to make the trip, I almost automatically advanced my plans of running it next year.
The Getting LehD group happened and with it mileage discussions, high altitude training plans, ooty shooty, Sudarshan’s autocratic planning, Prats on-line inputs and my own go-with-the-flow involvement. With Meghana throwing a fab farewell party, we were ready to go.