Sunday, September 17, 2017

Silverware shopping at SOW 2017

One rainy Sunday morning,
  • our dear friend wakes up in the middle of the night (read 3am)
  • to ride to some obscure location in the middle of nowhere (just because it's called NICE road, does not mean nothing)
  • to add his own little mountain dump (yes, single sachet wet wipes are his best friend on "crappy" mornings)
  • to run some random distance 21.1km (this is where Queen Elizabeth comes in)
  • with some random (or little) competition (the guy who beat me at my 12hr Ultra also beat me here).
In the end my Silverware shopping bag, looked more like a provision shopping - perfumes (for men and women, mind it), pad (not the iPad types, the kinds that come with a pen - also branded W*pro), liquid detergent, fabric conditioner, toiler soap, handwash, coffee mug, Deo (both spray and roll on) and light bulb!!!

Welcome to Spirit of Wipro half marathon 2017.

This race used to start from the Wipro Sarjapur campus when it started, and then moved to the Electronic city campus. Now they moved the "Spirit..." to the monotonous undulating concrete road some 20kms from civilization. I shouted out to Sampath (who led from the word go) and we spoke for 20secs, then he took off. I spoke to Brojen for another 20secs and then I took off. That was it, I ran alone for all of the rest of 88mins to finish second in 1:28:52

My second podium of the year, the first one coming after running a 100k, hopefully the next one will be a distance in between - bring on, Bengaluru Marathon.
Many thanks to Sanjeev and Gokul for helping out with the registrations as always!