Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Co-orgy at Coorg – Nash Hash Report

Once every two years Nash Hash sees the best of the weirdo hashers from across India and South Asia land at a unsuspecting resort or two.
This year, a resurrected Bangalore Hash House Harriers (BH3), with Pervert Producer and team decided to take on the mismanagement.
Shreya (a.k.a Loan Shark) and I (a.k.a phatphatia) jumped on the chance and quickly registered.

165 hashers registered for the event, including nearly 10 right down to the wire, and a stowaway, who paid his rego at Virajpet!

Day 1 of the event saw most of the 165 hashers boarding tempo travelers from Bangalore. We got on a bus with hashers from Bombay Hash. N1 and N2 remember the bus ride the best.
After copious amounts of Old Monk, we started our leg of the relay run around noon. Our team, the Green Lanterns, did some damage to Hash spirit, by running competitively and winning the relay.
Lunch was organized with Faasos biryani travelling all the way from Bangalore in transport sponsored by Big Basket and served through a live counter at the Periyapatna sports stadium some 240 km from Bangalore! The relay continued after lunch with last team running more than their share of 8.5 km segment thanks to good mismanagement.
The convoy reached Club Mahindra Virajpet and settled into our beautiful spacious rooms nested in a valley. The dinner and party was at the party hall, rising from the lawns and towering over the entire property. Magnificent sight it was. We shook a leg or two, but retired quickly.
The marquee run was on the 27th and the run site was near the Harangi dam reservoir. I was volunteered as a FRB (Front Running Bast*rd) hare and left early to get familiar with the trail. Loan Shark was the lone shark with Lilliput 1.0 and Lilliput 2.0 for the full 2hr bus ride.
Once they reached there, they were escorted by Half moon, first to the water stop and then to the Coorg Lagoon resort for lunch and circle revelries. The imagery of Hashers littering around the hills and meadows in search of the trail near the waterfront (where chalk / flour could be confused for seagull poop) will be etched in my memory for long. Lilliput remembers little more than the trampoline and hammock.
We got back pretty late for the kids to enjoy the play area or the pool at the resort, but we partied till we could. Loan Shark (again “lone”) reluctantly left the party to tend to the kids, while I phatphatied till Sexobics, our Dj, could play no more, of course with my hair down. The next gen hashers (dude and sexobics daughters) set the floor on fire with their groovy dancing and singing.
28th January saw the recovery run start at 9:00 a.m. with the Lungi Treasure hunt, with hashers looking for tokens that were strewn in the plantation area of the resort. Lone Shark and the kids spent some quality time in the pool while appa was up in the trees looking for treasure. At the circle, LitHerBum was crowned the Lungi Queen and Nash Hash finally wound up at 11 a.m. And the buses trundled homewards with hashers having happy memories of 3 exciting days.
We finally got back home late in the night, just having enough time to pack for our next road trip to Coimbatore…

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