Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Run # 409 - The No circle Run

Encouraged by the short run last time around, I thought it was a good idea running with the hares again, than a siesta on a Sunday afternoon. Couldn’t have been more wrong on that one.

The Hash House Harriers announced their run # 409 (ya 409, they have been around for the last 15yrs). This time it was outside of Yelahanka, you had to drive along the CRPF campus to the run site.

All you ppl who read these write-ups must have realized by now, how much I love talking about these things I do, right. Ezzactly. And a few guys get inspired and want to do some checking out. This time Sathish, my neighbor from the ice-pies (or is it eyes-spies) days and Rutu, my Gym buddy from the time when my biceps used to be 14inches, decided to join me.

The run was supposed to start at 4:00. With all the firangs in the group, you would think it would start around that time. Wrong again, it was nearly 4:40 IST when we started running.

The hares (the moderators who lay the trail are called that) were ‘Up yours’ and ‘French fries’ – both French. We were promised a good track with some amazing landscape view. We started first on a wrong track, then found out way back to square one and restarted. And then ruwe did, till kingdom come. I should have guessed when they said, the water spot would be some distance and advised us to carry water. Damn, I didn’t see that coming, did I…

First we ran along a stud farm (ha, so even u thot they grow studs there, welcome to the club). And with this well-built mare running in front of me, I ran like a stallion, myself. (For details, hit the ‘comments’ button and I promise a personalized reply.)

Then the fields started and I shifted my gaze up to the horizon and never once left it. We ran and ran, but the landscape was simply great. Eucalyptus groves, fields, small hills, dirty ponds, uphills, detours, false trails, sweat and blood (there were so many thorns on the way and many of them couldn’t resist the temptation to kiss my bare legs)

Finally when we got back it was about 15kms and close to an hour and 45 mins of running. And then the ceremony happened, first we had to wait for everyone to finish. Sathish and Rutu were among the last. The ‘mare’ finished comfortably ahead of me, now I know where hour-glasses come from.

The Ice slab was there and as usual the ‘hares’ were made to sit on the ice slab, some ragging, leg-pulling happens, the run is named (it was called the no-circle run) and the anthem is sung… and the bottoms-up.
Then the Virgins – newbies are made to get on the block (nkotb). Well, only this time, they decided that the guy who brought them ( tht is me!) gets the water treatment. The water treatment is a tub of water, and I had to cool my ass in it.

First the longish run, then the beer that didn’t go too well and then the water treatment, I had enough for one day.
Sathish didn’t want me in his car, all soaked and dripping and all, but hey, I couldn’t run no more!!


Anonymous said...

dont know but this blog reminds me of some of the psycho movies .. :-)))

Rishi said...

I must say, you have a good hobby..running..bails you out of every little problem i guess..boss is angry - run..girlfriend is angry - run..run away,i.e!!..

Anonymous said...

run forrest run