Friday, April 28, 2006

Hash Run #412

Run # 412 – Bangalore Hash House Harriers

This was my (let me try and recollect without referring to the archives of this blog) fourth run with Hash. As usual it was a Sunday afternoon run, as usual it was on the outskirts of city, away from all the humdrum (bumrum, sounds better). But while the last run, the moonlight run was one with max participation - 150, this time around, there was a measly 20.

The run site was about 10kms from KR puram, down old madras road, at the IB estate. I went bulleting to the run site. My friend from my cricketing (SjCC) days, Bharath, aka lodde, BeeKay also joined me this time. If you had followed that hyperlink you would have seen this guy does PicHiD (when he not running marathons) in Singapura.

This time surprisingly the run started on time – 4:45. It was a short run, about 7-8kms in the countryside. But the hares – camel rider, hole surveyor and Deepak had made sure there are enough false trails to keep us interested. Lots of check backs (circle with a cross) chalk marks on the trail ensured that I went on false trails thrice.

We got back to the estate in about 50mins time. There were a couple of guys who got colourful bruises. I spotted a snake wriggling into the bushes during the run. Wildlife and all, eh…
There were samosas to go round with the beer. The hares got to cool their asses on the ice block.
There were a few returners. There was this one gentleman, ‘Hard-on’ who was from Ireland, who has been hashing from, as early as, 1978!! I had a nice conversation going with him. He was running with Bangalore Hash after, like 6years. He was telling me about how Hash started in the late 1930’s, in Europe somewhere. During World War II, Hash lost many of its members to war, and those who survived were posted to different parts of the world. And that is how it started to spread across the world. In Malaysia, there is a hash run everyday!
Well, anyway, Hard-on got his ass on the ice too. There were 4 virgins, including BeeKay. Surprisingly, there was common interest area among BK and the Grand Master (the guy who runs the circle). Both of them were into Robotics – BK into underwater robots research and this MIT grad, an entrepreneur, running a firm that makes robots in India.
It was a nice short run, just the right way to spend the Sunday evening. Parag and Deepu joined us for a heavy dinner at the Neel later in the night.

coming up - ride to Subramanya and the trek up Kumara Parvata (KP)

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