Thursday, June 22, 2006

Nagaraja Gowda Weds Nagamani

Thamanni (Nagaraj Gowda) Weds Shobha (Nagamani)
Destination: Hassan
Total Distance traveled: 430kms
Fuel: 14lts of Petrol
Date: 18th, June 2006
Buckeet-Ragi-Adarsh-Tima-Sriram-Shamanna-Reel-Gopi Mama-Sannidhi-Adi-I

Left Bangalore at 6am in 2 cars, 1 bike and a bullet. Regrouping happened at Bellur cross over some Bread omelet and tea. Next, was at 930am at the MCE college canteen. Refer to Bucket’s recollection in the next paragraph for all the on-campus action. Sat through the wedding and lunch till 230. Raghu and I decided to stay with the cars on the ride back. In what was one of my slowest rides, I discovered that my bullet could actually do a 40kmph on a highway. One break and four grueling, sleepy slow hours later, back home.

This time around, I have Buckeet (Raghu) chip in to write about the campus visit.
Raghu writes
“Nostalgia is what happens when you return to your 40 acre campus after nearly 5 years. A great weekend it was, a group of 12 of us were back on the MCE Hassan campus after 5 years and the time seemed to have stood still. Nothing much had changed even with the World Bank funding (don’t know who was challenging whom), except a few tarred roads, some fencing, a new temple, and the teak plantation which has grown in 5 years. It was the same old “Temples of Worship “. That was the caption we had, for the t-shirt we had designed in engineering days, which later became famous as LH (LadiesHostel) T-shirt.

The T-shirt had all places that our most precious 4 years saw. Come to think of it, I am not nostalgic about Hassan, I assume that we are all nostalgic about:
Kalpana Tea Stall- don’t ask me about the myths , but she severed some yum omelets
Stadium – the mango eating spot
MMP, Canteen, MJP, Krishna, Aloo Bun, Kaat Mess – it’s because of these places that I could survive with out even a rupee in my pocket. They never let me go hungry.
Suvarna, LP, Southern Star, Gokul – This is where Manoj gave us his ‘n’ no: of treats.
Forest - never walked in it, in the night.
Pool – A pool at your disposal for 4 years and yet I learnt swimming after engineering.
LEO Club & Science Forum – met my close friends there and my sweet heart too.
OF , SG , NF – three chapters in 4 years.
Ragvendra Swamy Matha – I seriously went there to pray J
The Mech workshop – where lathes turn only when you pay Rs. 20 to the helper.

So we tried to live again the same life, in 1 hour that we spent there. People still did shout “Bucket rod etto” ( Raghu pull up the rod ) when the power went off and bucket had to turn on the generator. People still shouted “Bucket Phone “ ( Raghu phone ) atleast once a day. The mess workers still had the same tired look, the mess bill had gone up by 4 Rs., MAMA said and the electricity bill had come down … wow !!! … the bathrooms were tiled and were sparkling .. hostel had a Internet center….

oops !!! we dint have time to visit the LH … which was Mother of all temples of Worship…. We shall do a exclusive trip for that …

All in all a good trip … wish others could make it too… we shall do it soon again … “

Check out some fotos at in the album 'Thums Weds'


raghu said...

first its Thunderbird-Avenger-Maruti-Santro

then 2 cars, 1 bike and a bullet

sad man ...

3 D said...

Very well written!
I am trying to provide a backlink to this post. As you haven't enabled Backlinks, I am putting a link to my post here - Nostalgia Time


Journal Of A Nomad said...

Hey there! I stumbled upon your blog, searching for blogs from MCE'ites. Glad that I saw a pic from Nag's wedding. And looks like a lot of things have changed on your side. Hope everythin's in right perspective, on your side! :-)