Monday, July 24, 2006

A shot at celebritydom

For me, it was straight out of a fairy tale, the fairy in question is Shrabonti Bagchi and, yes, the story does end in a “and they lived happily ever after”.
One upon a time there lived a handsome, youthful, energetic, psychodynamic, vigorous, young man (read me). Hold on, that’s not the end of the fairy tale!!
Shrabonti Bagchi from The Telegraph was doing an article for the Sunday Telegraph, Graphiti. She chanced on my blog and found me fitting the ‘specimen’ category well enough to feature me in the article. Two mails, phone calls (and a lot of barefaced begging) later, I found myself giving a 20 minute interview sharing my passion about biking. And that is how I found myself on the first page of the cover story of Graphiti – The Telegraph Magazine, 25th June 2006. Thanks a million, Shrabonti.
Page 1
Page 2I, however, didn’t have hour-glass shaped creatures drooling over me and so I am trying this publicity stunt once again.


Uday said...

Small, that was a very nice read & proud of you man. There is a need for more biker publicists/enthusiasts like you. Who knows blore might one day have race tracks for superbikes.

Uday said...

hahaaa.... & the photo where you are in looks really cool maja madu baddi magane, itching to start riding a motorcycle myself

N Javarappa said...

Pretty cool. Keep riding!

manoj said...

Thanx(i guess tht was a compliment)

I see you have been doing a lot of travelling too!!

Uday said...

yakalooo ashtondhu doubt ah ? nan bowling bari yorker alla maga, straighter one kuda baruthe hehe....

Shreyas said...

Super maga! So you are biking away to glory na iga ?? Congrats kano! :)

Btw, naanu blore ge wapas maga. Got the transfer!

NandWorld said...

Grow Up Kid,

Stop playing with BULLET when you can play with (HOT)BOMBS..

U know what i mean ;-)

BTW, There are real bombs at ur work place..

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