Friday, September 15, 2006

Nandi Betta and Nidhi Bete - Part I

Date: 9th Sep, 2006
To: Nandi Hills
Route: Hebbal > Devanahalli > Nandi Hills
Distance: 100kms
Mode: The ‘other’ Bike – Hero Hawk

As a part of the cross training in the run up to the marathon, I decided to ride up to Nandi Hills on my other bike – a Hero Hawk. Ever since my friend Sathish mentioned this to me, it had caught on my fancy.
I sold this idea to Raghu and he was willing to join me, till on Friday he decided that the 100+ km ride would be too much for his stamina. I decided to go ahead and do it alone.

I was on my cycle at 630 on 9th Saturday morning. Nandi hills is about 50kms from Hebbal, 2kms after you pass Devanahalli (27kms), take a left at the Nandi cross and ride another 22kms to the top of Nandi hills. The climb to the top of hill is 8kms.
I met up Shashi and Varun a lil after Hebbal, who were on their way to Doddaballapur. They took cycled for 10hrs that Saturday, varun told me later. I have company next time I plan such crazy stunts.
I reached the bottom of the hills about 40 odd kms by 845, but the ride to the top the next 8kms took me a full hour and half. I rode up the ghats 3kms and then gave up, walked along the cycle for the next agonizing 5kms. It was comforting all the while to think you don’t have to do this when on the return.
I spent about 15mins enjoying the landscape view mostly. There is nothing much to do in Nandi if you don’t have a partner. And as evidence, there were many ‘early birds’ already up there.
The ride downhill only exercises your forearms, when you have to squeeze the brakes all the way down. Before I reached Devanahalli, my thighs had started to lock, this is the first time I have exp this. The quadriceps of the thigh lock and begin to hurt. Everytime this happens I had to jump off the cycle and walk a bit before it recovers like it was never there in the first place. Reached home at 215, a grueling 3.5 hours later. It sure was not pleasant, a good preparation for the marathon, however.


K.Shyam said...

so hope to catch you at the rtmc ride !

chetak said...

Gurruu !!!

What is the source of your boundless energy ?

I am inspired ! Got to do something I can talk about to my ... hmmm finace, when I have one.

manoj said...

Thanx for the encouragement during the last 10!! We will cross our paths a lot more, now

@Chetak.. at the moment thou, the 'boundless energy' is only drivin all ye chicks away...

Naveen Javarappa said...

Looks like a fun ride to me, Manoj. And a good time of the year too, to be riding around. Does the Hero Hawk have gears, Manoj? I used to have this bike called the Atlas Pro-10, which I was using for my cycling escapades.

Question for you, Manoj - what kinda food supplements do you take when you go bicycling/running? Do you take any protein supplements like Accelerade or something? If you don't, you should probably consider it.

Keep biking.