Thursday, August 30, 2007

Warming Up to fight Global Warming

Just when you begin to brag of your fitness levels, you read something like this. Well, then you don’t believe everything that get reported in the papers these days!! My gut says the Blue Boys won the World Cup, the Sensex is at 20K and well, Aish is single. This had to be one of those fill-the-page-3 items. I quickly dismissed it as someone’s figment of imagination and got back to ostentatiously flaunting my fitness. The 34kms in 3:10hrs I did with RFL last Sunday, back up there.

Then my sister called up and put me on to this guy, Samim who spoke enthusiastically about the run from Bangalore to Mumbai, 1100km in 22days and then cycle back in 6days. He talked more about the sponsors, the running-around to get it organized and the cause - creating awareness about Global Warming, full josh and all.

I know what you are thinking, those were egg-jactly my thoughts too… my sister had pulled a fast one on me. But Samim hadn’t finished yet; he said I should join him and his cycling mate, Vibhor at MG Road on their practice the next day.

So I land up that Wed morning in front of Coffee Day, MG Road with my road bike to check these supermen for myself. Superman is what Samim is, coz the guy is a former National No.3, has among many others biked Bangalore to Mysore in 3hours!! (hey, stop comparing that to my Bullet timings now, man Vs machine is no contest). Vibhor, half as old as Samim is a new injection of good cycling skills and passion to the team.

As I joined them pedaling loops up and down MG Road, Samim talked about his grandiose plans for improving the cycling scene in the city, all the way up to building a team for races like the Tour de France. Well, there are going to be whole lot of hurdles to deal with, but he believes it is far better now than it ever was. He said he was checking me out for the races too… (Don’t laugh, that was not a joke!!) The guy is blood and flesh alrite, but too dreamy to be human, I knew something was not right here.

The Run from Bangalore to Mumbai
The run is being flagged off on 8th September. Here’s wishing Samim, Vibhor and his team an injury free expedition. Hoping to see all those plans becoming a reality soon.
While you put your hands together for him, watch this space for more on this trip, with that dash of humor(?) as usual…

Samim Rizvi Begins his Run to save the environment
06 Sep UPDATE:
Samim Rizvi is starting out on the marathon run from Bangalore to Mumbai tomorrow morning at 10AM from Vidhana Soudha. Check out the link to GreenPeace on the sidebar for information on Global warming!

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curious about global warming since the time 'Leonardo di caprio' started endorsing it :P but ur blog doesn't seem to be helping much :)