Friday, September 21, 2007

Pearl Valley

What it is: Water Falls!!
How far is it: It is some 50-55kms from Hebbal Flyover
How to get there: Ride down on Bannerghatta Road, take left at Bannerghatta towards Anekal. Take a right into Jigani Industrial Estate along the ring road. Look out for a BP petrol station on the right. Take right and follow signboards to Muthyaala Muduvu.
Roads: 4 lane road upto Bannerghatta without dividers. The stretch from there on is lined up with trees and makes a fantastic ride. Good roads throughout.

Pearl Valley can be anything between Pearl and Peril depending on your mode of transport. On Saturday, 8th Sep, as Kavita, Ananth and I set off on our bikes, it was closer to the latter.
We started from Hotel Chalukya at 0532 hours (I measured time, you can see how accurate I was!). Kavita showed great grit, she had never cycled more than 20kms at one go. She joined us till a little after Bannerghatta, trudging along the uphills, but doing very well overall, a laudable effort, indeed.

Ananth and I then took off from there at a good speed, but somehow, the destination was always that 10-15kms away. Ananth was supposed be the distance and route guide, who quite nonchalantly approximated the 55kms to 35km. Well mate, it wouldn’t have mattered much if we were measuring distance to the moon or Britney Spears’ waist or something. (click here for some Britney jokes!!)
I guess it was showing in our faces as well. Coz at one point when we asked for directions, the guy actually added that it was downhill all the way!

We reached Muthyaala Muduvu or Pearl Valley at 0940. There are a couple of restaurants where you can park (we parked inside one of them!) and walk down some steps to the “falls”. If Pearl is to stand for ‘economy’, the name of Pearl Valley is very apt. It was quite a miracle how the falls had managed to stay that way despite the flooding all-around in nearby Bangalore. It took us some 2mins to get to the falls and like 20mins to laugh out all those water-falls-PJs we cracked.

We left there at 10 and got back on some better roads to Bannerghatta in an hour’s time. I had some nagging problem with the mid-gears, one chain getting stuck incident. We got back to IIMB by 1130 and home by 1230.
But tell me, why cycle 110kms all the way, while you can marvel at the swirling lakes at Silk Board flyover and every other road in Bangalore? Beats me!!

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