Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kauvery Trail Marathon - A Prelude

All those weeks of determined and persistent efforts, of chasing wild dreams of pace, distance, time-on-feet and of coffee and icecreams, are going to reach a crescendo during the coming weekend at the Kauvery Trail Marathon on 18th Nov. Watch this space!!

Madhu Avasarala, the Ultra marathoner had this to say about the wonderful trail.

"On Saturday October 13 2006 I did a 36K run in company of Juggy, Nischal,
and Satsang. The trail head starts just outside the gate of the Rangan
Thittu bird sanctuary which is near the town of Srirangapatna, just before
you hit Mysore on the Mysore Highway travelling from Bangalore.
This is one of the nicest places to run. The trail is hard packed dirt and
one is actually running on the levy of the canal.
The scene is quintessentially Indian, Indian of my childhood days of dreamy
stretches of space filled with river canals, vast stretches of bright green
cultivated fields, oxen resting in the shade of a tree, native village boys
jumping from the bridge into the canal, a lone white egret quietly sailing
into the horizon, vast trees sighing in the breeze with their branches
drooping lazily into the water, sunlit eddies swirling in myriad colors, the
flowing mellifluous waters of the Kaveri canal dreamily humming the 2nd
movement of Beethoven's pastoral symphony, the intense quiet midday heat,
the garrulous buzzing of an annoying insect, sounds of rice fields rusting
as they sway in the breeze...
When at the end of the canal you suddenly come onto the full view of the
Kaveri flowing, it's a marvelous picture. You can hear the river before you
can see it. It is a treat to cross it and dip your hot legs into the
delicious cold stream.
That evening while resting after the arduous run and even into the night I
couldn't get this rythm out of my head. The quiet gentle Kaveri keeps
flowing on... "

Can't wait to be there again!!


Naveen Javarappa said...

Good luck on the run, Manoj. Am sure you will do great.

Anonymous said...

we cant wait for you to run and read an update here ;-)