Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BH3 presents The Bike Hash 2007

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What is BH3?
It’s a lot of things, but definitely not Borane. All the Hash dope is on my post on my first Hash shot here.

What is the Bike Hash?
Nothing different actually. The site is serene, the hashers insane, the beverage chilled and the circle is round. On the bike hash, however, you get your bums on the saddle and pedal away into the countryside.

How do you hare the Bike Hash?
Jugy, Sunil and I hared this one. Hares recce the area and lay the trail with chalk powder complete with false trails. This was the third one that I have hared, the first two were with Abnash. We started at Eagle Ridge on saturday morning riding on the Bullet. With Google Earth and Gramin GPS to guide us we ran into lotsa dead-ends, many roads ran straight into a pond or lake. We marked a 7-8km shorter route for the walkers. We got back early on Sunday morning to mark the longer route. For two hours, Jugy and I sweat it out trying to find a loop for the long riders. We managed a good one finally not before we checked out more villages and puzzled village folk.

When, where, how, why, who, which, what-the, whatever
The Xmas Hash Bash was on 37 Crescent on Saturday and the Bike Hash wouldn’t start till the hangover had subdued. The bikes were sponsored by TI Cycles who brought in 50 new Hercules and BSA bikes. There were a few bright Trek cycles too that stole the limelight. All traces of the cyclonic rain of the previous week had totally disappeared. The sun was at its blazing best when we started at 11 or so. It turned out to be a 19km route at the longest and many fellow runners from RFL got all the heat training for the upcoming Ultra.
Back at the circle at Eagle Ridge, future sutures did the RA honors, Jugy was fired, Sunil was made new GM, the new mis-management (me included) was announced, yada yada yada…
(gosh, am so bored today)

There is a much better version blogged by Nischal. Read it here.
Hash Bash
Bike Hash
Bike Hash
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