Monday, September 05, 2016

Cinderella trail 50k

Let us dwell on the alternative briefly
Just a week since I had run the 93k at the stadium run. I had taken a flight less than 12 hrs after the finish, with fluorescent compression gear showing from under my flight clothes. Drinking water by the gallon and stretching as much as the cattle class would allow. A week of hectic work, some sleep, lots of jet lag, the haphazard meals, and a week of missing the family.
While for some, each one of these is a valid reason why not to do it, for me, it was precisely why I wanted to. For the alternative - lying in my hotel room, shuffling through meaningless webpages, or even going out a exploring a bit - didn't seem like an option.
And so I naturally signed up for the Cinderella trail run, knowing that logistically, just getting to the start line itself would be victory for me.

 It was a beautiful trail, set in Oakland area in CA, full of redwood, oak  and Eucalyptus trees. And loads of climbs, about 5500' of it, in 2 loops of 13mi each and some to make up for the 50k.I stuck to my walk the uphills rule from my experience with the Golden gate trail - finished the 21k in 2:30 and then another 3hrs for the next 21k. The best part was the finish, of course. Despite all the mileage from the last week's ultra, I was running strong to the finish line.

I managed a 9th place finish overall (4th AG) in 6h:25m.

So what then is the alternate to this "insane obsession to running", to this "running away from it all". I am the frog in the well, not able to see beyond. Pray, if you do know a better alternative let me know, so I can not be on the roads all day.

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