Friday, March 02, 2007

An announce ride called BLUFF


intransitive and transitive verb pretend to be confident: to pretend to have strength, confidence, or the intention of doing something, in order to deceive somebody

I should have guessed this when RTMC announced a ride to Bluff aka Shivanasamudram. Bluff 1: It was supposed to be a ride on road, not off-road.
Bluff 2: Since when did you call tender coconuts, “Breakfast”
Bluff 3: It was supposed to be a waterfall that we were riding to!!!

It was a good turnout at 7am at town hall – Sam (on his F650) and Sumanth, were doing the ride captain honors. Boom, Cup, Anand, Dom (Jawa 350) and Karna joined in. There were lots of newbies – couples, dhoni hairdos, shutterbugs, 19 bullets in all.

First regroup point was Khoday’s Breweries on Kanakpura road. Roads were reasonable till Kanakapura. The restaurant before Kanakapura was closed, the Plan B was to call the ride a diet ride and continue.
As we headed towards Malvalli (root mal = bomb?, halli = village), we were in for a surprise. No bombs and what should have been a road was more like the test bed for rover, the moon explorer! After this one, am sure we won’t be seeing as many pillion riders in the future. Amidst all this, there was this one newbie couple chatting incessantly. Parks (not rides) are places where you go if you want to talk, at least you wouldn’t slow down the sweep (read, sam on the F650) to those miserly 40kmph speeds.
The next pit stop was at Malvalli, Hotel Nisarga (?) for food. Following the principle of Henry Ford, the hotel offered “any customer any dish ordered, so long as it’s a dosa”.
About 15kms from Malvalli, there is a road going to the left. Gaganachukki falls is about 5kms.
It sure was a bad time of the year to visit the falls and we were disappointed (talk about sharing water with TN now). The falls is quite a sight when in its full majesty. Sam gave the hamari paramapara talk at the circle, and intros went around.
We headed back via Maddur and got along full throttle on Mysore road. Lunch happened at 3:30 on this quiet place behind Café Coffee Day on Mysore road. The last regroup point was opposite KaduMane.
In all, yet another good ride with RTMC!!

Total Distance: 140kms
Route: Bangalore > Kanakapura > Malvalli > Shivanasamudram > Maddur > Bangalore

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