Saturday, March 24, 2007

Value Lanes

Event: RTMC meet
Location: Value Lanes

There is always a wedding ceremony every weekend that my parents want me to attend. All the more reason for me to jump on saddle and ride out. I did just that, on Sunday morning after promising to attend the reception party.
At RTMC we were having our annual meeting at someplace close to Manchinbele dam. I couldn’t make it to the starting point at the appointed 930. With no mobile signal at the venue, and unaware of even the name of the venue, I had to rely on the ultimate signpost – Bullets!!

“Look out for Rajarajeshwari Dental college, an International school on the left side about 5-6kms later and then a right turn leading to $&^% village (name changed upon request, ha ha) off Mysore Road”, “the rest I don’t know, coz we haven’t got there yet”, was all I could get before the signal died down.

Some amount of riding up and down ensured that I found the turn to take. What next? There are two things I knew – the place was some kind of a resort and the track was warm with Bullet marks, at least 25-30 Bullets were supposed to have preceded me. One ruralist said there was one resort belonging to Upendra. Half-baked ones are easy to mislead and from then on, I was asking for Upendra’s resort. While one took a lift in exchange, another zealously enquired if superstar Upendra was in the MUV that had just passed. Fortunately, I caught up with Rakshas who had all the directions to the venue and put those direction-(mis)adventures to rest.

A stretch of dirt road opens to the glassy reservoir of Manchinbele. The backdrop of beautiful hills reflecting off the still waters was truly transcending. The place is more appealing on account of its conspicuous absence of humans.


Simply superb place, I say. It is an ideal destination for any rugged outdoor / team building activity. The hospitality of Major Kapoor who runs the place is the cherry on the top. To know more, click here.

The meeting went on in a very civilized (by most standards) manner indeed. I can’t quite say the same thing about the lunch.

We rode back through Manchinbele dam and Big Banyan tree. A great off-roading location and ‘the’ place if you are looking for a quiet Sunday not far away from home.

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