Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wipro Eco EYE

Reproduced from the article that appeared in an internal Wirpo webzine
Left to right: Gangadhar, Balaji, Chitra, Arnab, Kiran, Vijay Kumar, Purinder, Manoj, Winston George, Karthik

On the 11th of January, 2010 a group of 10 Wiproites started off the first bicycle commute to Wipro EC at 7:20 am from Silk board. The group consisted of some regular cyclists and a few newbies who choose to burn fat over petrol. The ride lasted 40 minutes and went a long way in shattering myths, proving many points and started a new journey.

The myths we shattered:

• Cycling on Bangalore roads is dangerous: No it not, just stick to the left and take the service roads wherever possible.
• Cyclists are bottom feeders: No, you aren’t. When in proper outfit and on a decent cycle you get enough if not more respect than motorists.
• Pollution: Yes, roads are polluted but you can overcome that by cycling during off-peak hours.
• Physically demanding: Absolutely not, rather it’s physically rejuvenating. You don’t yawn or doze off in the bus or cab; hence you are at your peak when you reach office, the most energetic guy ready to take on the challenges of the day.

The points we proved:

• Cycling is fun: It’s not a stressful activity like driving. It rejuvenates you and does not tire you like driving. And when you ride in a group it’s even more fun.
• Traffic congestion is a non-issue: You always find space to ride your cycle through. When things get worse you just start walking with you cycle, carry it over the divider and in the worst case lift your cycle and negotiate through the congestion.
• Social exposure: You meet many new people which you don’t when you commute in an enclosed car.

The journey we started: Promote cycling as a sustainable means of commuting.

• Organize this group commute every month.
• Organize workshops across Wipro campuses on this theme.
• Form a cycling club within Wipro.
• Promote Electronic city as a cycling zone.

All those who have missed the fun this time, please do join us with your bicycles next time onwards. Let’s all have fun and do our bit to save Mother Earth. To get involved, drop a line to either arnab.rakshit@wipro.com or chitra.sharma@wipro.com.

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