Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kauvery Komforts

Welcome to Bangalore – Mysore Expressway, Roads to Prosperity

It was the valentine weekend. But RTMC (it’s the bullet club, for the uninitiated) decided to play spoilt sport. It isn’t such a bad thing to love a bullet, you know. And that is how I ended up on the Bangalore – Mysore, Road to Prosperity.
Starting point was Town Hall, 7 sharp (beats me, 7 is pretty crooked itself, rite). But I reached there on time, despite the misleading instructions. There were about 10 bullets, and one by one bullets started pouring in. We were 25-30 bullets after the final regroup point at the Rajeshwari arch. There were lotsa new faces this time around too. I am really getting good at forgetting names, these days. Maybe the problem is, am not meeting enough gals. There was some garlanding of the moderators at town hall (full sheke types), Anil gave some speech and all. We started at 7:45 or so.

The Mysore Road is pretty good now, just that it is dotted with towns and the traffic is pretty heavy. But obstacle races are fun. I had done the stretch to Kengeri on my other bike, sooper stretch actually. Even before the engines warmed up, we found ourselves hogging at Kamat Madhuvan, Ramanagara - Masale, idly, vada and by-two coffee. With our tanks full, we headed straight to destination. Two stops, close to 100mins of riding, passing Chennapattna, Mandya and Rangantittu and we were at Kauvery Komforts at around 11.

There was Cauvery close by, and there were cottages for Comfort. Don’t ask me why they skrewed up that spelling. I parked my bike at the resort, and my ass in the cauvery. Stayed in water for like a long time. There was some detergent foam flowing downstream, I thought that was double gain, didn’t have to shower after the dip.

At 1’o clock, there were 30 starved stomachs, but only a couple of hands to make those chapattis. It meant we had to wait for food, but when it did finally come, we made no delay in devouring the meals.

After some photoshoots, hit the highway again at around 2:30. There was this one freak incident that happened on the way back. On these group rides, it’s very common that the group disintegrates after a while of starting – the gaps widens sometimes as much as a few kilometers. It so happened that there were two bullets that were leading the pack, with the 30 odd bulls following at a distance. On one of the overtaking maneuvers, the front seat occupant of a Scorpio, showed the finger to Doc on his Black ThunderBird. Little did they realize that they were messing with 30 odd leather-clad, pony-tailed psychos.

It was good fun when we met up with them at our next break at Café Coffee Day. We heard doc’s version of the story and started out to hunt for those bums. They chickened out and went underground. We sure did send the message across; As we were leaving the place – all the bullets revved up, and in the middle of the lotsa dust and thump, some 20 odd fingers went up.
We reached Kengeri cross by 5:30 in the evening. Mast fun ride this was – short and sweet.

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Raghu said...

Hey Did you know that Raji`s resort ... ???? She told me there is nothing much in the resort yet .. what did ya do ???? are you lying :-)

Anonymous said...

Dod's that is a funny comment. Din't understand one word.

Good fun manoj!


Uday said...

Hey Smalla,

yea yeaaaaaa, i went thro your photos today man, the antarganga trip where im riding your bike is cool... hehe... i see a lot of similar faces on your mysore trip also. Maja madu magane... later

manoj said...

okie Praks... it turns out Chombu's dad has a stake in tht resort... owns a part of it or something

Udu, many guys were enquiring abt u in the next ride... u left an impression there, how?? i dont have a clue