Sunday, February 05, 2006

This is how I got my first Bullet

I had been thinking of doing this for sometime now, and finally it happened on the 11th.

Like most of you know I am now in Trichy, the place has a stretch of about 5 kms to my guest house with practically no living soul on that road. I was thinking of the bike and then saw my driver ripping on this road and thought ‘why don’t I have it yet’. Some amount of googling, fone calls, mails and I had all that I needed to cross the line.

I took 3 days off from work before the long independence-day weekend. Dad and I went to Teknik motors on CMH road on the morning of 11th loaded with cash for what was the first bike I buy for myself. The dealer had promised a delivery on the same evening, almost off-the-shelf. I took their test ride bike to get used to it, so I would be comfortable when I actually take it in the evening. I freaked out with it, knowing that, I wouldn’t be able to race immediately in my own new bike till I went over the 2k kms barrier.

That evening as I was waiting for the delivery, I had my tryst with the devotional following this bike has, reinforcing my already strong conviction to go for the bike. A short, fair, software engineer types, northy walks into the showroom and registers for the test ride. As he stood there later admiring the bullets, he gave me gyan about how to maintain the bike and how it lasts long after you are gone and stuff. He shared with me his dream of owning the silver bullet electra one day. He almost worshipped the bike on his way out, stroking the fuel tank of the displayed electra, feeling his grip on the handle for a few secs and simply staring at it. The look in his eyes said it all, sending some shivers into me. They mean it when they say the bike is worshipped.

Later that evening, the gleaming sliver ash, thunderbird was mine. It was a great feeling riding it back home and showing off to my family, esp to my nephew who was as eager, if not more, as I was to ride it.

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