Sunday, February 05, 2006


whoever: Hey, how was ooty?
we: ooty was a fine city, man… its now 600 bucks finer.
whoever: what did u guys do there?
we: oh crap !!
Yes, we did go to ooty last weekend, and yes, it is winter and we are sane. Tima planned this whole thing. Sri, John, Sailesh and I were cajoled into believing it would indeed be pleasant there. We left on Thursday, 8th for a 3 days weekend trip.
Thanks to Minal, my sis friend, we stayed in the Shiv Shakti guest house, which was a couple of kms from the bus stand. It had all basic amenities (read bar) nearby. Sriram and I were in no mood to go out, coz there was a TT table (sri found the screws and the ball for it), carom, cricket and ludo (who?) in the guest house. But tima was at it again, always wanting to hire a bike and go somewhere. And like all of you warned us, there was the rain again and again. And eventually, only thing we didn’t do at ooty, was the bike ride.
We did a lot of taxi rides – day one to Botanical garden, doddabetta and tea factory, day two to Pykara falls, Day three to Mettupalyam. We went to Mettupalyam by the Nilgiri express. The Nilgiri Mountain Railway is considered a marvel engineering skill in the construction of railway lines. It is the only one of its kind in India which runs on a rack. You got to check this link out if you have any regard for your ingineering degree, here.
At a height of 2,623 metres, Dodabetta Peak is the highest point in the district. Situated at about 10 km from the Ooty town, it is one of the most prominent view points around Ooty. The top of the peak remains covered by mist most of the time but on a clear day, you can have a look at the landscape as far as the plains of Coimbatore and the Mysore plateau. On our way down we went to the Tea Factory.
Pykara Falls was also amazing, breathtaking scenery. We had good kadle kaay, bajjis and raided a restaurant on our way back from there. I did some trekking in the hills. Sri also supposedly followed me, but I am not sure if he was trekking too.
There were loads of stuff – gyan sessions, shopping, nostalgic moments, duck outs, talli times, and cartloads of crap.

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