Monday, February 25, 2008

The 'R' Marathon

The 'S' Marathon
The 'O' Marathon

The 'R' Marathon
If it was introspection and the ensuing feeling of ‘oh’ with the ‘O’ marathon, it was R for Rajat Chauhan all over the third half marathon of the series. We looked like we were jogging around circles in Cubbon Park this morning. We were running through the Cubbon Flora and a whole lot of the-larger-connotation-of-life, ethics and moral fibers, love life and otherwise (mine and Docs respectively!) jobs, yada yada yada…

Time stamp: 0610, 25 February 2008
Distance: 22.5kms
Half Marathon time: 1:51mins
Average BPM: 168
How I feel: Stiff… very stiff and sore around the knee. May live through the next two runs. It hurts, but am I glad it is only around the knee!!
Current Mood: Runners High


nischal said...

Sweetheart, rooting for you. Not just for the two remaining runs, but for the understanding you seek.

manoj said...

Not sure which of the two will need the wishes more... its going to be a tough one tomorrow!!

Naveen Javarappa said...

Isn't it easier to not mess up? :-)

uday said...

very impressive smalla... keep it up !

manoj said...

no fun in not messing up!! But, I dig it real deep before jumping in, i guess..

Thanks maga..