Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The 'Y' Marathon

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The 'Y' Marathon

The 'Y' Marathon:
Quick Update:
I ran the final Y Marathon distance of 21.2 kms in 2:03mins.

Split timings:
10.5kms in 1:05hours
21.2kms in 2:03hours

BPM Stats:
Average: 147 BPM
Maximum: 168 BPM

Current mood: Humming “Naa hai yeh paana, Naa khona hi heh” from Tum Se Hi!!
The Epilogue
Superman lasts only so long as the endorphins do, and then the pain takes over. By day four, my knees had taken a beating. I had shin splints, knee and ankle hurt, this is not something I am proud of!
I wanted to endure the last one all alone, the perpetual question “WHY” had to be answered. I started very late, 0635 in the morning, completely missing the refreshing sunrise and the almost full moon.
Every step I took for the first couple of kms seemed to take the pain around esp. around my knees to a higher plane altogether, like every little step I had taken in the last 4 months. As I jogged (limped should be the apt verb) down BEL Road, I was asking myself this very question “Why I do it or why I cannot not-do it”
Why I do it or why I cannot not-do it
Because, when you are an optimist or insane, you view every challenge as an opportunity. You know it may be impossible but you see a tiny window, a glimmer of hope. For me, all I have do, is to close my eyes and drift for a few seconds to see that window of hope, of opportunity.
But when every hope, every opportunity turns into a challenge, a struggle, you sense the small window beginning to close. The thought of what-if-nots grips you, you frantically try to take charge, to gain control of the uncontrollable, in vain.
And what do I do, I run. Clench your fist and punch slowly into a wall, doesn’t hurt, right. Now do it a hundred times, a thousand, a million perhaps, and it would hurt, it would hurt like hell, I can tell you that. I did that with my legs through the last 5 days. I guess I run towards that small window, to the life I can see through it. Today, I run, I run to redeem.

At the end of it all, I’m not sure what the feeling is like – a tear in the corner of my eye, a smirk on my lips. “Tum Se Hi” runs on in the background…


Prakruthi said...

Awesome Manoj! I knew you'd make it. This puts you in the 'crazy' category officially!

Seriously - proud of you! I have been raving about you to my friends here.

"If it felt good, you didn't try hard enough. It is supposed to hurt real bad" - Ultramarathon man

Naveen Javarappa said...

Keep goofing up, Superman, you will get to more half marathons :-)

manoj said...

I am a marathon maniac alrighti !
Don't do too much of the 'raving' part. On day 4, i was running with Alain, he said, "100kms in a week, ok, i do it on my peak marathon training".
There are loads of psychos in the US am sure... but go ahead spread the insanity ;)

I shud follow ur earlier advice and rathar not goof up if there is a next time :)

Sukumar said...

As a runner, I find stuff like this ridiculous. Whats the point? Its brainless stuff that means nothing. It leaves you too tired and possibly injured and thus ends up hurting you in the long run.

Focus on lesser miles of higher quality and get some good recovery between your runs. Thats the only way you will get better as a runner.

Dont get led astray by the mega mileage crowd. There are many other ways to enjoy your running and become a better runner.

By the way how long have you been running?

manoj said...

@Hi Sukumar,
Thanx for being the critic. I have been running for a couple of years now...
I do take your point on the higher quality runs and will work towards that in the next few months. I must add, thou, I have recovered well from the runs and am looking forward for more...
Please leave a mail id that i can contact you on!

nischal said...

Hiya Manojaaa,

Congrats, love:))) Hope it cleared up your head, at least to an extent.

Disagree with Sukumar. The human body is capable of far more than we can ever imagine. Be careful, be clever about your "mega mileage" runs, but bubba, never ever stop. Right?

manoj said...

Clearing work-in-process... still not sure if i want to clear it all!!
Reminds me of the movie "Eternal Sunshine... " Must watch!

Stop Running!! Are you kidding ;)

Aswin said...

Great stuff man. I do standby you. If you are sure not to injure yourself in the long run, then got for anything and everything your mind asks for. The feeling and satisfaction you get from this do count a lot more. Keep it up. And avoid long term injuries.

balu said...

saar, ee thara senti posts ella odidre yaako doubt baratte - "taayi koTTa seere", "haalunDa tavaru", "aNNa na anubandha" ee filums director neevena anta

manoj said...

Point taken... totally agree about the just being free to do what you want to...

hehehe... ondtaraa phull pheelingali write maadidDo adu...nut case only I am :)

manoj said...
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Anonymous said...

when i read u wat strikes me is ur capacity for great happiness and great sorrow ... its a gift ... to be able to move mountains something ought move us first ... so godbless, and here's looking at u bikerkid ... keep it rolling ...